How to Seek out "Golden Nuggets"(Customers)

Seeking out golden nuggets (customers) is a learned behavior that can be mastered with the help of your miner (salesperson) and a few tips listed below.

  • Always remember everyone you know is a nugget.
  • Listen for golden nuggets who are talking about buying.
  • Prospect in locations where you know lots of nuggets:
    • Work
    • Church
    • Social Events
    • School
    • Clubs
    • Friends
    • Relatives
    • Co-workers
  • Tell the golden nugget about your personal experience with Tynans Nissan Volkswagen
  • Be ready to answer questions:
    • What is Tynans Nissan Volkswagen?
    • Where are they located?
    • Who should I talk to?
    • Can I just stop in at any time?
    • Do they take in trade-ins?
    • Can I go online and view their inventory?
    • What is their phone number?

All of these things will contribute to making your mining expedition easier and more successful.

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