How to Properly Retrieve Your Gold Reward... 

We want this program to be both FUN and REWARDING for everyone. However, there are three very important rules that we all must follow.

Rule #1- **The Golden Nugget (Referral) must ask specifically for your Miner (Salesperson) by name and tell us that you sent them, BEFORE the Mining Expedition (Sales Process) begins**

This is very important because a Miner's worth is largely based on how well his/her Prospector relays information. A portion of the Prospector's reward actually comes from his Miner. A Prospector that retrieves Golden Nuggets for just any Miner must be retrained. This also eliminates any misunderstandings that can sometimes come from a Golden Nugget appearing at the dealership on its own and one or more Prospectors trying to claim it.  In order to avoid confusion and keep the Mining Expedition FUN FOR ALL, we suggest ONE of the following...

1. Call your Miner (Salesperson) and give them the Golden Nugget's (Referral's) name and telephone number. 


2. Call or email your Miner and let them know that a Golden Nugget is on the way and will ask for them specifically. 


3. Just have the Golden Nugget ask specifically for your Miner by name immediately upon arrival at the dealership. Even if your Miner is out at the time, a record will be made of this and you will still receive credit once the sale is made. 

Rule #2-** Remember that Prospectors and previous customers cannot be Golden Nuggets. If someone has bought a unit from us before, or if they have ever received a Gold Reward, they are not considered fair game**

Rule # 3 In the event that your Miner is not at the dealership, instruct your Golden Nugget to inform any of our Sales Managers, they will facilitate the reward for you.

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